Issue no.85
Spring '05


Behind the news
Talking Turkey for democracy: Fundamentalism, fascism and the EU
Surhan Cam
Surhan Cam argues that the already troubled democracy of Turkey is
under the threat of an absolute collapse, triggered by fundamentalist
and fascistic tendencies, and that the current policies of the EU nurture
such processes despite its pro-democratic claims.


Review Article
Hopeful voyage; uncertain point of arrival?
Alberto R. Bonnet
In this section, the author argues that Holloway’s is an extraordinary
book that confronts two key issues for revolutionary politics: class
reductionism, and the conception of the capitalist state as an
instrument. Its proposal is vague, though, and does not offer any
criterion that could justify the politics of events as revolutionary
politics, and thus it remains associated with post-modern politics.


Critical theory in Global Political Economy: Critique? Knowledge? Emancipation?
Christopher Farrands & Owen Worth
This article focuses on the growth of critical discourse in Global
Political Economy, the strength or weaknesses of Cox and the neo-Gramscian
ontology, and the importance of the critical traditions of
practical/critical knowledge and emancipation.


The National Childcare Strategy: The social regulation of lone mothers as a gendered reserve army of labour
Chris Grover
The National Childcare Strategy is examined through the idea of
workfarism, and a new evaluation of the ‘women as reserve army’
thesis. The Strategy is shown to benefit capital by regulating a gendered
reserve army of labour, and by constraining costs through the
socialisation of reproduction and the subsidisation of childcare markets.


Social policy, social exclusion and commodity fetishism
Peter Kennedy
This article provides a political economy of social policy and its current
emphasis on social inclusion/exclusion.


A precarious balance: Neoliberalism, crisis management, and the social implosion in Jamaica
Tony Weis
This article examines the process of structural adjustment in Jamaica,
the ensuing mountain of debt, ideological hegemony, and the crisis-management
mode of economic planning. It also examines the various,
interwoven barriers that are currently stifling mobilisation amongst
the poor and precariously maintaining a contradictory, unstable order.


Book reviews
Book Reviews 85
The New Dialectic and Marx’s Capital (Chris Arthur), Reviewed by Franklin Bell
Nationalism and its Futures (Umut Özkyryml (ed.)), Reviewed by Dave Renton
Imagining the State (Mark Neocleous), Reviewed by Jonathan Joseph
Stakeholding and New Labour (Rajiv Prabhakar), Reviewed by Martin Upchurch
Capitalist Restructuring, Globalisation and the Third Way: Lessons from the Swedish Model (Magnus Ryner), Reviewed by Andreas Bieler
Moving Mountains: Communities Confront Mining & Globalisation (Geoff Evans, James Goodman and Nina Lansbury (eds.)), Reviewed by Ann Cecilie Bergene
Globalisation and Labour: The New ‘Great Transformation’ (Ronaldo Munck), Reviewed by John Stirling

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