Issue no.28
Spring '86


Behind the News
Northern Ireland (I)
Munck, Ronaldo
In a broad review of the recent Anglo-Irish accord, the author identifies the contradictory responses of the loyalist, republican and Southern Irish opinion to it, and argues that the agreement has to be seen in its proper historical and political context.


Behind the News
Northern Ireland (II)
Bew, Paul
Paul Bew argues that the Anglo-Irish accord offers less hope of reform than a commitment by England to use the institutions of direct rule to modernise and democratise.


Behind the News
Fowler's Foul Plans
Erskine, Angus
Angus Erskine draws out the implications ofthe government's proposed reform of social security, and shows that this reform is part of the monetarist project to reconstruct relations based upon the discipline of the market.


Thatcherism, Populist Authoritarianism and the Search for a New Left Political Strategy
Atkins, Fiona
Fiona Atkins argues that the current British debates on Thatcherism are too us-centric and should draw more widely on third world debates on populist authoritarianism.


Labour Migration, Racism, and Capital Accumulation in Western Europe
Miles, Robert
This article examines the historical development and contemporary relevance of labour migration in western Europe. It argues that Marxists have to take more seriously the whole question of the role of migrant labour within the political economy of contemporary capitalism.


Ethnic/Racial Divisions and the Nation in Britain and Australia
Yuval-Davis, Nira


Nicaragua: The Fifth Year - Transformation and Tension in the Economy
Vilas, Carlos M.


Debate on Capitalism and Development: The Theories of Samir Amin and Bill Warren
Gulalp, Haldun


Fixed and Circulating Capital
Shortall, Felton C.
Felton C Shortall analyses the implications of the distinction between fixed and circulating capital for a Marxist theory of price formation, divisions within the capitalist class and the periodisation of capitalism.


Review Article: 'The London Industrial Strategy', by GLC
Cochrane, Allan
What's in a strategy? The London Industrial Strategy and municipal socialism


Book Review 28
Carolyn M Vogler : The Nation-State (Sol Piciotto) / Christopher Hird: Challenging the Figures (Robert Bryer) / Clause Offe: Disorganised Capitalism (John Urry) / Eric R Wolf: Europe and the People without History (Robert Miles) / Patrick Wright : On Living in an Old Country - The National Past in Contemporary Britain (Bob Lumley) / Roger Jowell and Sharon Witherspoon: British Social Attitudes: the 1985 Report (Andrew Gamble)

Capital & Class (ISSN 0309 8168)


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