Issue no.22
Spring '84


Behind the News
The Current Crisis in Israel
Yuval-Davis, Nira
How the history of Zionism and Israel contribute to a chronic political, military and economic crisis .


Behind the News
Munck, Ronaldo
Examines the high cost of the failure of the military face of capital, and asks whether the civilian face of capital under the recently elected Radical Party will succeed any better.


Divisions over the International Division of Labour
Jenkins, Rhys
How can interpretations of the new internationalization of labour be distinguished? This article presents a clear exposition of different Marxist approaches to the new IDL and suggests some possible implications for socialist strategy.


The International Centralization of Capital and the Re-Ordering of World Capitalism
Andreff, Wladimir
An interpretation of internationalization which stresses the role of trans-national finance capital within the present economic crisis.


Imperialism or the Beast of the Apocalypse
Lipietz, Alain
An alternative view of internationalisation, analyzing the transformation of the old centre-periphery international division of labour and emphasising regimes of accumulation and modes of regulation.


The National Economy - a Keynesian Myth?
Radice, Hugo
Sets out to debunk the concept of the national economy and to stimulate debate on the political implications of the internationalization of capital.


Combined and Uneven Development in the Clothing Industry: The Effects of Competition on Accumulation
Rainnie, Al
A contribution to the labour process debate. This article asks why the clothing industry is still dominated by small, technologically backward firms.


The Dialectic of Capital: A Japanese Contribution
Albritton, Robert R.
Outlines the contributions of Uno and Sekine to the Law of Value; and suggests that their approach helps to resolve debates around the Transformation Problem and to develop a theory of crisis.

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