Issue no.62
Summer '97


Behind the News
Dismantling Former Yugoslavia: Recolonising Bosnia
Chossudovsky, Michel
This article argues that the Western public has been systematically misled as to the causes of the civil war in former Yugoslavia and the consequences of the US-brokered 'peace'. The origins of the conflict are traced to the strategies of Western governments and donor organisations which have bankrupted the economy and colonised Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Behind the News
Restructuring the British Financial Sector into the Twenty-First Century
Tickell, Adam
Recent years have witnessed sweeping changes in the financial sector. This article investigates the pressures facing the retail financial sector, describes new developments, and the implications for jobs and the changing geography of finance.


Transition and Crisis in the Japanese Financial System: An Analytical Overview
Lapavitsas, Costas
This paper provides an overall view of the recent development of the Japanese financial system. The movement toward a market-based Anglo-Saxon financial system has lost its momentum. The Japanese financial system will probably remain bank-based, state-controlled, and connected with industry through a dense web of non-market relations.


The Paradox of Contemporary Labour Process Theory: The Rediscovery of Labour and the Disappearance of Collectivism
Martinez Lucio, Miguel; Stewart, Paul
Recent commentators on the Labour Process debate have addressed the relationship between individualism, collectivism and broader changes in management strategies through a focus upon the absence of labour and the demise of collectivism. In this critical response the authors argue that almost invariably, while labour in some guise is rediscovered, this occurs at the expense of collectivism.


Industrial Restructuring and the Reconstitution of Class Relations in Singapore
Yun, A.H.
The author takes issue with theorists who have overemphasised the dominance of the state in newly industrialised countries and offers an analysis of Singapore's development and the subsequent social divisions which have emerged as the country encountered different stages in its relationship to international capital.


Friedrich Engels and Marx's Critique of Political Economy
Smith, Cyril
This article investigates the work of Engels on Political Economy. It concludes that after the 1843 essay, which was vital for Marx's subsequent work, he never grasped the essential content of Marx's critique.


Can We Make our Own History: The Significance of the Dialectic today
Durand, Jean-Pierre
Can we still make our own history? Continuing our series of Polemics, Jean-Pierre Durand considers the increasing relevance of Marx's concept of the dialectic for explanation of contemporary social and economic changes.


Maximilien Rubel, 1905-1996, Libertarian Marx Editor
Anderson, Kevin
At his death, the renowned French Marx editor left behind an edition of Marx's work, imbued with a libertarian spirit, which served as an alternative to Stalinist ones. His overall contribution is assessed critically through a discussion of his Marx Ouvres IV (1994).


John Merrington: Gone to Glory, A Personal Tribute
Linebaugh, Peter


Book Review 62
Matthew Edel: Urban and Regional Economics—Marxist Perspectives / J.K. Gibson-Graham: The End of Capitalism (as we knew it) / Duncan Green: Silent Revolution: the rise of market economics in Latin America / Neil Harding: Leninism / Jan Pakulski and Malcolm Waters: The Death of Class / P. Garrahan & P. Stewart (eds.): Urban Change and Renewal: The Paradox of Place / ICEM: Power and Counterpower: The International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions' Response to Global Capital / Jan-Erik Lane: Constitutions and Political Theory / Juliet Schor & Jong-ll You (eds.): Capital, the State and Labour: A Global Perspective / Carl Boggs: The Socialist Tradition: From Crisis to Decline / Jules Townshend: The Politics of Marxism: The Critical Debates / Dennis E. Gale: Understanding Urban Unrest: From Reverend King to Rodney King / Jim Phillips: The Great Alliance: Economic Recovery and the Problems of Power 1945–51 / Joachim Hirsch: The National Competitive State: State, Democracy and Politics in Global Capitalism / Race & Class: Ireland: New Beginnings / Frank Pearce & Laureen Snider (eds.) : Corporate Crime. Contemporary Debates / David A. Smith: Third World Cities in a Global Perspective: The Political Economy of Eneven Urbanisation

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