Issue no.81
Autumn '03


Power or counter-power: the dilemma of the Piquetero movement in Argentina post-crisis
Dinerstein, Ana C.
This paper explores a significant dilemma brought about by the crisis of December 2001 for the Unemployed Workers Movement in Argentina: the construction of a political movement to dispute institutional power or the development of territorial community work directed to the construction of a counter-power. This paper suggests that the differences between these two projects might represent a false dichotomy, which require further interrogation on the relationship between the state, the labour movement and the anti-institutional forms of resistance which emerged in December 2001. This is a dilemma for the politics of resistance worldwide.


Bolivia: between a rock and a hard place
Nicholls, Peter
This article seeks to provide a brief account of the background to the elections in Bolivia which took place in June 2002. That a presidential candidate, who represented the coca farmers, should come so close to winning office is indicative of some significant changes taking place within the economy and political structure of Bolivia.


Snatching Defeat from the jaws of victory? Lula, the 'Losers' Alliance', adn the prospects for change in Brazil
Morais, Lecio; Saad-Filho, Alfredo
This article reviews Lula's presidential election in Brazil, and analyses the scope for progressive economic and social change in that country.


A note on Chris Arthur's 'dialectics of negativity'
Carchedi, Guiglielmo


Hidden forms of resistance among Turkish workers: hegemonic incorporation or building blocks for working class struggle?
Yucesan-Ozdemir, Gamze
This article, based on ethnographic research in an automobile factory in Turkey, examines workers' politics in the construction and reproduction of 'total quality management'. It aims to bring back to the debate an unfashionable class, industrial workers, in an unfashionable part of the world, a newly industrialising country through the unfashionable analysis of labour process theory.


Time for redistribution of income: the case for a Scottish Service Tax
Danson, Mike; Whittam, Geoff
This paper is focused on providing a potential solution to the issues of poverty and under-funding in the public sector within Scotland. This means looking at the current system of local government finance as it provides both the greatest problems and also, because of the form of the devolution settlement, the opportunity to introduce a progressive new tax to replace the council tax.


On the TSSI and the Exploitation Theory of Profit
Mohun, Simon
Engages with the Temporal Single System Interpretation's account of the relation between exploitation and profit that was proposed by Kliman in this journal (no. 73) in 2001.


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