Issue no.66
Autumn '98


Behind the News
The Australian Wharf Lockout
Svensen, Stuart
The Australian waterfront dispute between the union movement on one side, and the federal government, the National Farmers' Federation and Patrick Stevedores on the other, is arguably the most important Australian industrial struggle this century and has significant international implications. The paper outlines the historical background to this conflict.


Behind the News
A Rainbow at Midnight: Zapatistas and Autonomy
Cuninghame, Patrick; Ballesteros Corona, Carolina
The authors seeks to explain the present intensification of the conflict in Chiapas by examining the clash between global neoliberalism's project for Mexico and the desire of the indigenous peoples and other social movements for autonomy and radical political change against the designs of the NAFTA free trade agreement.


Peer Review, the Research Assessment Exercise and the Demise of Non-Mainstream Economics
Lee, Frederic S.; Harley, Sandra
This article argues that the theoretical and methodological divisions in economics combined with the institutional arrangement of the Research Assessment Exercise and peer review has produced a state of affairs which poses a serious risk to the future existence of non-mainstream economics. The article argues that non-mainstream economics will be eliminated from British economic departments within ten years.


The Dynamics of Class Politics and National Economies in Globalisation: The Marginalisation of the Unacceptable?
Moran, Jonathan
Globalisation literature neglects class, state and the national economy as important variables. Class conflict or class alliances involving the state, national capital and the organised working class are vital in explaining the timing and course of globalisation. Globalisation itself can only be explained by reference to the continuing importance of national political economy.


Trade Unions in Zimbabwe: For Democracy, Against Neo-Liberalism
van der Walt, Lucien
This paper examines the impact of organised labour on the process of democratisation in Zimbabwe. It is argued that the trade unions have played an important role in fighting for political freedom and the struggle has more recently been extended to attempts to challenge neo-liberalism through alternative policy frameworks.


Defining the Fault Lines: New Divisions in the Working Class
Yates, Charlotte
Through an examination of Australian and Canadian car workers, this article looks at the problems for trade union organisation of increased social fragmentation. While divisions amongst workers are not new, this article sheds light on their exacerbation by the introduction of new production techniques and the possibility of the divisions being countered by union strategies.


The Prospects for Workplace Trade Unionism: Evaluating Fairbrother's Union Renewal Thesis
Gall, Gregor
Peter Fairbrother has extensively developed the thesis of 'union renewal', which seeks to show that the challenges posed to contemporary trade unionism can be met by changes in the form of unionism. This article engages with Fairbrother's thesis pointing to a range of political factors that need to be discussed in relation to union renewal.


Book Review 66
Hans Georg Backhaus: Dialektik der Wertform: Untersuchungen zur marxschen Ökonomiekritik (Werner Bonefeld) / Roger Burbach, Orlando Nunez and Boris Kagarlitsky: Globalization and its Discontents: The Rise of Postmodern Socialisms (Jane Wills) / Peter Meiksins and Chris Smith: Engineering Labour (Keith Randle) / Andy Merrifield and Erik Swyngedouw (eds.): The Urbanization of Injustice, and David Harvie: Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference (Vincenzo Ruggiero) / John Charlton: The Chartists: The First National Workers' Movement (Sheila Cohen) / Robert John Ackermann: Heterogeneities: Race, Gender, Class, Nation and State (Rohit Lekhi) / Hans-Peter Martin and Harald Schumann: The Global Trap: Globalization and the Assault on Democracy and Prosperity (Ahmad Seyf) / Willie Thompson: The Left in History: Revolution and Reform in Twentieth-Century Politics (David Harvie) / Andrew Blake: Body Language: The Meaning of Modern Sport (Paul Reynolds) Noreen Branson: History of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1941–1981 (Martin Spellman) / Derek H. Aldcroft and Ross E. Catterall (eds.): Rich Nations - Poor Nations: The Long-Run Perspective (Alfredo Saad Filho) / Mark Neocleous: Administering Civil Society: Towards a Theory of State Power (Derek Kerr) / Kevin Hetherington: The Badlands of Modernity: Heterotopia and Social Ordering (Brian McGrail) / Dic Lo: Market and Institutional Regulation in Chinese Industrialization, 1978–94 (Raymond WK Lau) / Linda McDowell: Capital Culture. Gender at Work in the City (Rob Atkinson)

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