Issue no.46
Spring '92


Behind the News
Revolution in Ethiopia
Worku, Lakew G.
Asking a number of pertinent questions in historical perspective, Lakew sheds light on recent upheavals in Ethiopia that led to the overthrow of Mengistu's regime.


Housing Policy in Transition: From the Post-War Settlement towards a 'Thatcherite' Hegemony
Hay, Colin
Basing his arguments on a critical reworking of Gramscian notions of hegemony, Colin Hay uses the changes in housing policy to offer a new perspective on the debate on Thatcherism and the strategy of the New Right.


Constitutional Norm versus Constitutional Reality in Germany and J. Agnoli's Critique of Politics
Bonefeld, Werner
Werner Bonefeld reviews Johannes Agnoli's critique of politics in West Germany and his critique of critical political science in West Germany.


The Canada-US Free Trade Agreement: A Comment
Black, Errol
Errol Black responds to David McNally's assessment of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement in Capital & Class 43 (Spring, 1991) by presenting a different view of the basis for labour's opposition.


The New Marxist 'Revisionism' in Irleland
Munck, Ronaldo
Munck makes a critical analysis of new marxist revisionism in the work of Bew, Patterson, Gibbon and Hazelkorn on the role of the state in Irish historiography.


Book Review 46
Diane Elson (Editor): Male bias in the development process reviewed by Janet Darley. / David Edgerton: England and the aeroplane: an essay on a militant and technological nation reviewed by Andrew Friedman.

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