Issue no.52
Spring '94


Behind the News
The Strange US Economic Recovery and Clintonomics Historically Considered
Burkett, Paul
In this paper Burkett argues that the current us economic malaise, and the advent of Clintonomics, are a re-run of an earlier crisis.


Behind the News
US Health Care Reform and Corporate Structures
Fisk, Milton
Fisk outlines the background to Clinton's high-profile health-care reforms, and sets out a radical alternative.


Global Capital and the Nation State
Holloway, John
In this article, John Holloway makes a strong case for national state development to be understood only in relation to the development of global capital.


Lost in Space
Spence, Martin
This article provides an analysis of the evolution and future development of the us, Soviet-Russian and European Space programmes.


Autonomist Marxism and the Information Society
Witheford, Nick
Recent theories of how capital is entering a new age of computerised communication is criticised from an autonomist Marxist perspective.


Book Review 52
Michael A. Lebowitz: Beyond Capital, Marx's Political Economy of the Working Class reviewed by Massimo De Angelis / Perry Anderson: English Questions and A Zone of Engagement reviewed by David Byrne / John Ehrenberg: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat: Marxism's Theory of Socialist Democracy reviewed by Filio Diamanti/ Steven Peter Vallas: Power in the Workplace: The Politics of Production at at&t reviewed by Boy Lüthje / Ken Coates and Michael Barratt Brown: A European Recovery Programme reviewed by Lawrence Wilde / William Keegan: The Spectre of Capitalism reviewed by Costas Lapavitsas

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