Issue no.44
Summer '91


Behind the News
Crisis in the Gulf
Bromley, Simon
Focusing on the challenge posed to us hegemony by Saddam's drive for regional dominance, Simon Bromley considers the realities behind the war in the Gulf.


Behind the News
The Native Issue in Canada
Wiseman, Nelson
Dramatic acts of protest by native Canadians have raised the profile of the 'native issue' over the last year. Wiseman looks behind the news to consider the sources of native grievances and the prospects for accomplishing native goals.


Behind the News
The Politics of Training in Britain: Contradictions in the TEC Initiative
Peck, Jamie
Analysing Training and Enterprise Councils for the contradictions between the rhetoric and practice of such neo-liberal bodies.


Crisis and Restructuring in Greek Small Scale Industry: A Case of Flexible Specialisation?
Lyberaki, Antigone
Lyberaki reviews the evidence on, and the prospects for, small scale industry in Greece. He concludes that so far its 'flexibility' has been defensive.


Some Comments on 'Capital in General and the Structure of Marx's Capital'
Burkett, Paul
Paul Burkett responds to Michael Heinrich's article on 'Marx's theory of Capital' published in Capital & Class No. 38


Frank Lloyd Wright and the Passage to Fordism
Gunn, Philip
Philip Gunn pioneers a synthesis of the Marxist debate on 'Fordism' with themes in twentieth century architectural discussion.


Seeking a Way out of Fordism: The US Steel and Auto Industries
Scherrer, Christoph
An analysis of the us Auto and Steel Industries in a period of restructuring.


Book Review 44
Nickie Charles and Marion Kerr: Women, Food and Families reviewed by Muriel L. Carr / Andrew L. Friedman with Dominic S. Cornford: Computer Systems Development: History, Organization and Implementation reviewed by Fergus Murray / Bob Jessop: State Theory: Putting Capitalist States in their Place reviewed by Tom Ling

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