Issue no.21
Winter '83


Behind the News
Bricks in the Wall: The Youth Training Scheme
Allum, Cliff; Quigley, Jo
Should the Youth Training Scheme (YTS), launched in September, be rejected by unions or accepted in the hope of changing it from within?


Competition in the Marxist Tradition
Wheelock, Jane
Examines the changing nature of competition, which far from disappearing under the monopoly phase of capitalism, takes a new and vigorous form.


The Great World Depression and Japanese Capitalism
Itoh, Makoto
Itoh applies his over-accumulation thesis to the current world depression and the position of Japanese capitalism within it.


The Eighties: A Second Phase of the Crisis?
Margirier, Gilles
Providing a periodisation ofthe current crisis in terms of the wage relation, this article makes a comparison between French Socialist policies for the crisis and the monetarist responses of the us and Britain.


Soviet Power: Nuclear Energy in the USSR
Spence, Martin
Continuing the recent debate in c & c, the author examines the Soviet nuclear power programme, in the context of energy policy, economic policy, and the class struggle in the USSR.


A Historical Approach to the Question of Abstract Labour
Gleicher, David
Argues that abstract labour is an historically necessary phenomenon which emerges only with the development of capitalist relations of production .


Review Article: 'The Deindustrialisation of America: Plant Closings, Community Abandonment and the Dismantling of Basic Industry', by B. Bluestone, B. Harrison / 'Beyond the Waste Land: A Democratic Alternative to Economic Decline' by S. Bowles, D. Gordon, T. Weisskopf
Willoughby, John
Looks at the economic strategies proposed in two recent American books, and sketches a more internationalist alternative .


Fighting Multinational Power: An Afternote an Trade Union Research in Scotland
Baldry, Chris; Haworth, Nigel; Henderson, Simon; Ramsay, Harvey
A brief addendum to the Strategy Article in Capital & Class 20.

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