Issue no.49
Spring '93


Behind the News
The Workers' Movement in Russia
Clarke, Simon; Fairbrother, Peter
Recent developments in the ussr, now the Confederation of Independent States (cis), have led to a resurgence in independent workers unions. Clarke and Fairbrother analyse the problems and potential of this new movement within the context of 'economic liberalisation' from Gorbachev to Yeltsin.


Behind the News
Fundamental Contradictions of the Islamic Republic of Iran: An Iranian View
Tabarestani, Cirus
This paper analyses recent political developments in Iran and challenges the prevalent view in the West of an emerging 'moderate' faction in Iran's political scene.


Domestic Labour and Employment Status Among Married Couples: A Case Study in Hartlepool
Morris, Lydia
A study of how economic restructuring in the North East of England has affected female and male domestic labour amongst married couples with differing employment patterns.


The Reorganisation of Large Firm Subcontracting: Myth and Reality
Rainnie, A.F.
Rainnie's article focuses on the current transformation of the big firm and identifies an increasing tendency towards further merges, concentration and the centralisation of control, a trend which sharply circumscribes the autonomy associated with localities and medium and small sized firms as the central agents in the restructuring process.


After the Rectifying Revolution: The Contradictions of the Mixed Economy? The Political-Economic Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe
Williams, Michael; Reuten, Geert
This article discusses the events of 1989-92 in central and Eastern Europe, and examines the deluge of advice from bourgeois economists in the light of the Hegelian-Marxist theory of the mixed economy.


Some Notes on the Theory of the Capitalist State
Bonefeld, Werner
In this review article Bonefeld presents a critical assessment of the cse's debate on the State.


Book Review 49
Richard Bellamy: Liberalism and Modern Society: an Historical Argument reviewed by Mike Hawkins. / Margrethe Silberschmidt: Re-thinking Men and Gender Relations reviewed by Charlotte Heath.

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