Issue no.26
Summer '85


Behind the News
Reagan's New Economic Agenda: The Military and the Market
Rubin, Kate; Frisvold, George
In a broad review of Reagan's economic policies, the authors identify the unstable consequences of putting defence in command of the budget and letting markets sort out the rest.


Behind the News
Recent Events in South Africa
The author looks at events in South Africa over the last thirty years and at the increasing inability of the state to exercise control over the black majority.


Hattersley's Economics
Harrison, John; Morgan, Bob
A particularly lively piece that seeks to investigate tensions within Labour's economic strategies.


Monopoly in Marxist Method
Bryan, Richard
Takes up the debate with Semmler and Wheelock (C&C 18 and 21) to argue that monopoly has a widespread existence but cannot be defined through market power. Monopoly is to be regarded as a form of competition rather than its antithesis.


The Encounter between Big Business and Organised Crime
Ruggiero, Vincenzo
Examines the functions and nature of so-called 'criminal' and 'clean' businesses in Italy today, in the context of a wider analysis of the relationship between 'law' and 'economics'.


Brought to account: the NBC and the case for coal
Argues that there is a forceful and cogent case for coal as a part of a national energy policy, and that this would have made the mum's case stronger during the miners' strike.


Review Article: 'Farewell to the Working Class', by A. Gorz / 'The Economics of Feasible Socialism', by A. Nove / 'The Democratic Economy', by G. Hodgson
Whitbread, Chris


Book Review 26
The Democratic Economy and Models in Political Economy (Francis Green) / Space and the divisions of labour: A review of new theoretical contributions to Marxist geography (Alan Hooper) / Why Economists Disagree (Shaun Hargreaves Heap)

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