Issue no.14
Summer '81


Capitalism and Gold
Innes, Duncan
An analysis of the functions of money and the role of gold in the world capitalist system leads into a detailed account of the development and crises of the international monetary system in the post war period.


The Non-American Challenge: A Report on the Size and Growth of the World's Largest Firms
Droucopoulos, Vassilis
An up-date of the empirical evidence on the state of inter-imperialist competition which carries forward the discussions by such authors as Hymer, Mandel and Rowthorn.


Notes on the Science and Social Relations Debate
MacKenzie, Donald
Issues of science and technology are now at the heart of several major struggles: the nuclear power and nuclear weapons campaigns, struggles over workers' control of technology and so on. But is science 'neutral'? What relation does it have to accumulation and class structure? This account of some recent debates within marxist analyses of science confronts these and other questions.


Labour Productivity and the Crisis at BSC: behind the Rhetoric
Manwaring, Tony
The concept of labour productivity and its use as part of management strategy is critically analysed by a detailed study of the British Steel Corporation.


A Comment on 'Finance Capital and the Crisis in Britain'
Minns, Richard
In this response to a recent article by Overbeek, the author criticises the concept of finance capital and questions its application to the British Economy.


Comment on S.H. Heap 'World Profitability Crisis in the 1970s: Some Emperical Evidence'
Lindsey, J.K.


Response to J.K. Lindsey
Heap, Shaun Hargreaves


Review Article: 'The Alternative Economics Strategy: A Labour Movement Response to the Economics Crisis', by The London CSE Group
Williams, Mike
This review discusses the problems inherent in the kind of partial transcendence of the commodity form envisaged by the AES.


Review Article: 'Ireland: Divided Nation, Divided Class', by A. Morgan, B. Purdie
Driver, Ciaran
This assessment of these recent analyses focusses on internal state and class relations in Ireland, and the argument that the 'national question' is of little concern to socialists.


Review Article: 'Womens's Oppression Today: Problems in Marxist Feminist Analysis', by Michele Barrett
Phillips, Anne
This critical review questions whether Barrett's argument for understanding gender divisions as determined by the historical development of capitalism is not undermined by its own implicit emphasis on methodological imperatives.


Book Review 14
Howard Home: Working Class Culture-Studies in History and Theory / Dear Comrades : Readers' Letters to Lotta Continua / Eugene Cooper: The Woodcarvers of HongKong: Craft Production in the World Capitalist Periphery / Richard Edwards: Contested Terrain : The Transformation of the Workplace in the

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