Issue no.12
Winter '80


Mass Demonstration' Movements in Japan in the Period of Postwar Crisis
Kiyoshi, Yamamoto
This detailed and critical account of some of the immediate post-war struggles of Japanese workers points up how the leaderships of Parties and other organisations may have diffused the revolutionary potential of spontaneous mass action.


Behind the News
The New Cold War
Smith, Dan; Smith, Ron
This piece analyses the background to the recent revival of the cold war. It is the second in our new series-Behind the News-which aims to provide analysis of current events in more depth than that normally available in the left press.


Labour Use and Labour Control in the Brazilian Automobile Industry
Humphrey, John
An analysis of the effects the growth of the 'modern sector' on labour segmentation in Brazil, using the car industry as a case study.


British Politics and Co-Operatives
Tomlinson, Jim
A critique of the revolutionary left's attitude to co-operatives which argues that the possibilities of such forms of organization cannot simply be read-off from their location in a capitalist society.


World Profitability Crisis in the 1970s: Some Emperical Evidence
Heap, Shaun Hargreaves
The author deploys data from a recent OECD study to assess the severity of the 1970s profitability crisis, and to look at the prospects for renewed accumulation in the '80s.


Confusion Concerning Sraffa (and Marx): Reply to Critics
Savran, Sungur
This note attempts to analyse the roots of the theoretical inconsistency of Sraffa's economics, argued for by the author in an earlier paper, by elaborating on the radical difference between his method and that of Marx.


A Brief Note on Soviet Economics
Schiffer, Jonathan
The author takes issue with some points in Derek Sayer's recent review of Mao Tsetung's 'A Critique of Soviet Economics'.


Standing Pashukanis on his Head
Warrington, Ronnie
The author responds to Binns'article in Capital and Class 10 on Pashukanis, arguing that he omits significant aspects of the latter's theory and thence misunderstands his political position.


Response to Binns on 'Marxism and Materialism'
Ruben, David-Hillel
A response to a recent trenchant review of Ruben's 'Marxism and Materialism' by Pete Binns.


Review Article: 'Capitalism, Conflict and Inflation: Essays in Political Economy', by B. Rowthorn
Williams, Mike
This article attempts to locate the strengths and weaknesses of Rowthorn's influential essays.


Review Article: 'Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis - Italian Marxist texts of the Theory and Practice of a Class Movement: 1964-79', published by Red Notes and CSE Books
Lumley, Bob
A helpful location of these writings, which is both sympathetic and critical.


Review Article: 'Conservatism and Class Struggle Politics in Industrial Society', by K. Middlemas
Schwarz, Bill
This extended review of Keith Middlemas' Politics in Industrial Society points out the insights into the evolution of modern forms of state which can be gained from the work of this academic and conservative historian.


Book Review 12
Passive Revolution: Politics and the Czechoslovak Working Class, 1945-48 (Jon Bloomfield) / Health in Danger: The Crisis of the National Health Service (David Widgery) / Workers' Councils in Czechoslovakia, 1968-69 (Vladimir Fisera)

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