Issue no.58
Spring '96


Behind the News
Ceasefire in Northern Ireland - The Phoney Peace?
Smyth, Jim
An analysis of the background to the IRA cease-fire in Northern Ireland. It is argued that significant shifts in the class and occupational structure have eroded traditional political alignments and ideologies, opening up the possibility of political change.


Behind the News
South Africa: State, Labour, and the Politics of Reconstruction
Fine, Robert; Van Wyk, Graham
The authors examine how the Reconstruction and Development Programme and the Interim Constitution of the new state re-impose the rule of capital on labour in the guise of 'corporatism'.


Continuity or Change in Employment Relations? Evidence from UK's Old Industrial Regions
Cumbers, Andrew
This article assesses recent changes in employment relations in the UK's older industrial regions, stressing the importance of existing patterns of 'local' social relations and the subsequent implications for labour.


The Theory of Rent: From Crossroads to the Magic Roundabout
Kerr, Derek
The Theory of Rent has been the focus of heated debate over a number of years. In this article Kerr reveals that different strands in this debate in fact have much in common. He argues for a return to Marx in order to understand the real dynamics of urban property markets.


Class Compromise and the International Economy: The Rise and Fall of Swedish Social Democracy
Wilks, Stuart
The debate about the demise of the Swedish model is central to questions about the viability of social democracy. Stuart Wilks argues that the crisis of Swedish social democracy is directly related to the process of globalization which has been central to the recent wave of capitalist restructuring.


Turning Resistance into Rebellion: Student Struggles and the Global Entrepreneurialization of the Universities
Ovetz, Robert
Ovetz argues that universities worldwide are becoming 'entrepreneurialized', as they enter into commercial partnerships with private capital and the State, and increasingly exploit teaching staff and students. However, there is also growing resistance to this trend from students, staff and local communities.


Book Review 58
John Pickles: Ground Truth (Mark Deakin) / Murray E. G. Smith: Invisible Leviathon: The Marxist Critique of Market Despotism beyond Postmodernism (Alfredo Saad Filho) / Phil Mizen: The State, Young People and Youth Training: In and Against the Training State (Mike Neary) / Paul Thomas: Alien Politics: Marxist State Theory Retrieved (Darrow Schecter) / Darrow Schecter: Radical Theories, Paths Beyond Marxism and Social Democracy ( Jules Townshend) / John Werstergaard: Who Gets What? The Hardening of Class Inequality in the Late Twentieth Century (Bob Carter)

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