Issue no.47
Summer '92


Behind the News
The Politics of Transition: The Swedish Case
Wilde, Lawrence
Many believed that wage earner funds represented a significant step in the transition to socialism in Sweden. Wilde examines this transition model in the cold light of the 1980s experience.


Behind the News
Nuclear Weapons, the Persian Gulf War, and the New World Order
Kanjirathinkal, Mathew; Joseph, Hickey V.
Iraq's nuclear potential has been given very high priority by the US government and the United Nations since the end of the war. Kanjirathinkal and Hickey explore the implications of US/UN involvement in Iraq for developing countries in general and the 'New World Order'.


Behind the News
Lessons of History: War Returns to Yugoslavia
Magas, Branka
In this btn article Branka Magasv locates the roots of the present Yugoslav crisis in the revival of Serbian nationalism and the Federal Army's attack on Slovenia and Croatia. Given the complexity of the subject and different interpretations of the historical events, the Editorial Board hope that this paper will generate much interest and debate.


Industrial Restructuring in the US Economy: A Value Analysis
Shakow, Don M.; Graham, Julie; Gibson, Katherine D.
The authors use industry-level data to analyse the uneven development of the US manufacturing sector between 1958 and 1972. Their framework for study of economic restructuring uses Marxian value analysis, which associates restructuring with changing levels of exploitation.


Rubel's Marxology: A Critique
Anderson, Kevin
An outline and reassessment of the work of the French Marx-scholar Maximilien Rubel, concentrating on his attempts to re-edit Marx's Capital from the original manuscripts.


Economics and Epistemology: A Realist Critique
Kanth, Rajani K.
Rajani Kanth outlines a realist approach to critical social theory drawing on Bhaskar's transcendental realism approach. He indicates how this approach may be used to criticise both neo-classical and Marxist economic theory.


Once more on Labour, Nationalism and Free Trade
McNally, David
David McNally responds to Errol Black's critique of his article 'Beyond Nationalism, Beyond Protectionism: Labour and the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement'.


Book Review 47
Peter Osbourne (Editor):Socialism and the Limits of Liberalismreviewed by John Hoffman / Dick Geary/ European Labour: Politics from 1900 to the Depression reviewed by Brian McGrail. / Ralph Fevre: Wales is closed: the quiet privatisation of British Steel reviewed by Alan Patterson.

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