Issue no.42
Winter '90


Behind the News
F.W. de Klerk Crosses the Rubicon: The Politics of Negotiation in South Africa
Sarakinsky, Ivor H.
Recent political change in South Africa is discussed in its historical context, and is situated within an analysis of the motivations of the South African state and contemporary geo-politics.


Behind the News
Crisis of Socialism or Crisis of the State?
Clarke, Simon
After an analysis of the roots of the contemporary changes in Eastern Europe, Clarke draws out the relevance of these changes for socialists seeking change in the capitalist countries of the West.


Neither Fundamentalism nor 'New Realism': A Critical Realist Perspective on Current Divisions in Socialist Theory
Lovering, John
Neither fundamentalism nor 'new realism' : a critical realist perspective on current divisions in socialist theory The critical realist philosophy of Roy Bhaskar plays an increasing but controversial role in social debate . Here John Lovering deploys critical realist arguments in a discussion of trends in social and socialist thought.


Class Analysis and the Politics of New Social Movements
Wilde, Lawrence
Wilde argues for the relevance of class analysis to an understanding of the emancipatory potential of new social movements.


Whose Flexibility? The Politics of Information in Southern Europe
Hadjimichalis, Costis; Vaiou, Dina
In a wide-ranging survey of informal working in Southern Europe, the authors challenge the association of 'flexibility' with new technologies of production.


Welfare State Struggles, Consumption, and the Politics of Rights
Harrison, Malcolm
A rights based perspective on the welfare state is used to inform contemporary critical debate on the left and identify new bases for collective action.


New Utopias for Old: Fordist Dreams and Post-Fordist Fantasies
Clarke, Simon
Clarke debates whether Post-Fordism is a dangerous fiction or a utopian vision.


Book Review 42
Ruth Levitas: The Concept of Utopia (Richard Gunn) / Robert Lumley: States of Emergency: Cultures of Revolt in Italy from 1968 to 1978 (Vincenzo Ruggiero) / Brian Simon (ed): The Search for Enlightenment: The Working Class and Adult Education in the Twentieth Century (Paul Philo) / John McGrath: The Bone Won't Break: On Theatre and Hope in Hard Times (Olga Taxidou) / Terrell Carver: Friedrich Engels : His Life and Thought (Lawrence Wilde)


Book Reviews
Book Reviews

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