Issue no.25
Spring '85


Behind the News
Coal: A Privatisation Postponed?
Whitfield, Dexter
Documents the extent of the significant current stake of private capital in the coal industry and the indications that the government is waiting for the resolution of the coal dispute before attempting to extend that ownership.


Law, Order and the State of the Left
Gilroy, Paul; Simm, Joe
A sustained challenge to the left's orientation to law and order issues; it rejects the view of 'Thatcherism' as a new departure in authoritarian statism ; questions the separation of policing from the criminal justice system as a whole; and argues that policing, which is more about social control than crime control, is an essentially symbolic rather than an instrumental activity .


The Great Historical Failure: Marxist Theories of Nationalism
Nimni, Ephraim
Argues that Marx and Engels did have a coherent analysis of the national question and that this provided the basis of later developments and debates by Kautsky, Luxemburg, Lenin and Stalin, with Otto Bauer the only 'renegade'.


Otto Bauer: Towards a Marxist Theory of Nationalism
Munck, Ronnie
Munck examines the theory of nationalism developed by the Austro-Marxist Otto Bauer and argues that it remains a crucial starting point for Marxist theory today.


Nationalism: The Instrumental Passion
Kitching, Gavin
Why do both Marxists and non-Marxists have difficulty explaining and coming to terms with the passion engendered by nationalism? In a review of two books, by Ernest Gellner and Benedict Anderson, Gavin Kitching identifies a materialist theory ofconsciousness which begins to provide an answer.


Imperialism and Decline: Britain in the 1980s
Spence, Martin
Analyses the prospects for British capital in the current phase of imperialism and a possible strategy for socialists


Small Firms, Big problems: The Political Economy of Small Businesses
Rainnie, Al
Al Rainnie examines the role small business has to play in Thatcher's Britain.

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