Issue no.41
Summer '90


Behind the News
The Labour Party and the 'Peace Dividend': How to Waste Opportunity
Lovering, John
The possible restructuring of the UK defence industry in response to international political change is elucidated within a political economy approach which demystifies the notion of a 'Peace Dividend'.


The Politics of Trade Unionism: Evidence, Policy and Theory
Fairbrother, Peter; Waddington, Jeremy
Different responses by unions to the 1980s industrial and political climate are detailed ; especially highlighting intra-union relations for analysis.


The Military Solution: The 1984/85 Strike and its Aftermath in the South Derbyshire Coalfield
Carter, Bob
The author considers the mobilisation during and after the 1984/85 Miners strike in South Derbyshire, arguing that it raises law questions which have not yet been answered.


Unfair Dismissal Law and the Legitimation of Managerial Control
Denham, David
Examining recent judgements in unfair dismissal cases, Denham demonstrates the value of Marxist theories of the class basis of law.


Capital Restructuring and the Domestic Economy: Family Self Respect and the Irrelevance of 'Rational Economic Man'
Wheelock, Jane
Recent research on the changing division of work within the home on Wearside suggests that restructuring within the local labour market is a major influence on changes in gender relations.


Book Reviews
Book Reviews
Norman Geras: Discourses of Extremity (Andrew Duncan) / Erik Olin Wright et al: The Debate on Classes (Filio Diamanti) / Henry Patterson: The Politics of Illusion (Peter Gibbon)

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