Issue no.30
Winter '86


Ten Years of 'Capital&Class'
Picciotto, Sol
Sol Picciotto reflects on the past, present and future of Capital &Class on the occasion of this tenth anniversary issue.


Behind the News
Some Macroeconomic Omens for Reagan and Thatcher
Green, Francis
Argues that there are similarities in the attempts of Reaganomics and Thatcherism to strengthen the power of capital . The author assesses the likely outcome of these policies, which, it is argued, is not good news for capital.


Behind the News
Bob's not our Uncle
Allan, Robert
Argues that Band Aid is a success in marketing and consumer terms, but not in terms of educating people as to the causes of or solutions to the problem of famine in Africa.


Behind the News
Hanlon, Joseph
Joseph Hanlon asks what we can expect sanctions to achieve, and examines the role of Transnational Corporations in relation to sanctions.


New Developments in Manufacturing: The Just-in-Time System
Sayer, Andrew
Andrew Sayer develops a critical analysis of some changes in manufacturing processes, and links these to the impact of technical innovations, such as flexible manufacturing systems, computer-aided design and manufacturing and materials requirements planning.


General Motors' Saturn Plant: A Quantum Leap in Technology and its Implications for Labour and Community Organising
Meyer, Peter B.
GM's Saturn Project in the USA will have enormous implications for changes in the scale and nature of capital investment on the labour process and organisation of production. It will also fundamentally reshape the local economy of its host community. The article analyses the dynamics of these changes.


Developing the Managerial Strategies Approach to the Labour Process
Friedman, Andrew
Important debates have developed over the last decade over the nature of the capitalist labour process. Andrew Friedman looks at some important aspects of these debates and explores the complexities of linking theory to empirical research in the labour process.


Divestment and Inflation Accounting: An Unemployment Machine?
Bryer, R.A.; Brignall, T.J.
Argues that inflation accounting was introduced in the UK to facilitate mass divestment from manufacturing and construction companies when their profitability became unacceptable to investors.


The Politics of Growth: Cleavage and Conflict in a Tory Heartland
Barlow, James; Savage, Mike
Examines economic, social and political change in Berkshire and argues that although it may be widely regarded as the heartland of Thatcherism it contains within it many social divisions. In turn these have implications for political alignments and strategies.


Competition and Monopoly: A Contribution to Debate
Wheelock, Jane


A Note on Competition under Capitalism
Burkett, Paul


Competition and Monopoly: A Reply
Bryan, Richard


Review Article: 'Macroeconomics and Monopoly Capitalism', by B. Fine, A. Murfin
Kay, Geoffrey


Book Review 30
M. Marable: Black American Politics: From the Washington Marches to Jesse Jackson (Peter Burton and Richard Child Hill ) / Caroline Benn and John Fairley (eds): Challenging the MSC (John Wrench) / G. Ben-Tovim, J . Gabriel, l. Lawand K. Stredder: The Local Politics of Race (Bob Carter) / Chris McGuffie: Working in Metal (Mervyn Hartwig) / Ronnie Munck : Ireland : Nation, State and Class Struggle (Paul Bew) / Bob Jessop : Nicos Poulantzas: Marxist Theory and Political Strategy (John Solomos) / Merle Lipton : Capitalism and Apartheid (SammyAdelman and Bob Fine)

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