Issue no.78
Autumn '02


Behind the News
Fighting to Win: The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Shantz, Jeff
The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (ocap) is a direct action anti-poverty organisation which, since 1989, has become the focal point of resistance to neo-liberal capitalism in Canada's largest province. JeV Shantz outlines its forms of action and campaigns, developed to defend the needs of poor people and to work for a future where people are able to live decently.


New Institutional Economics and Economic History
Ankarloo, Daniel
This article examines the contribution of New Institutional Economics (nie) to the economic history of capitalism. In a conceptual critique the author argues that the attempt of nie to become more realistic, historical and social in its approach does not indicate a progressive research programme, but rather the degeneration of the tools of neo-classical economics.


The Politics of European Integration: A European Labour Movement in the Making?
Taylor, Graham; Mathers, Andy
European integration has opened up a new terrain of struggle that links the national, European and global levels in new and exciting ways. This paper explores whether a European labour movement is emerging from the struggles on this new terrain.


Marxian Economic Theory and an Ontology of Socialism: A Japanese Intervention
Westra, Richard
Richard Westra derives three core principles of an ontology of socialism from Marx's work in Capital. He then outlines what adherence to the principles implies for the issues of calculation, motivation and discovery in the construction of a genuine socialism.


From Reflection to Refraction: Opening up Open marxism
Roberts, John Michael
The author provides a sympathetic critique of open Marxism in the areas of abstraction, social form, regulation and discourse.


Financialisation and the Coupon Pool
Froud, Julie; Johal, Sukhdev; Williams, Karel
The authors provide a critical examination of established terms, shareholder value, corporate governance and Wnancialisation, before suggesting a new generic term, coupon pool capitalism. It is argued that the coupon pool concept distinctively emphasises the generation of contradictions and instabilities of capital markets.


Zapatismo and the Social Sciences
Holloway, John
The great contribution of the Zapatista uprising has been, not just to revive the idea of revolution when it seemed to be dead, but to break the connection between revolution and control of the state.


Book Review 78
Bernard Regan Not for sale: the case against the privatisation of education and Glenn Rikowski: The Battle in Seattle: its signiWcance for education (Doug Holly); Mark Neocleous The Fabrication of Social Order: A Critical Theory of Police Power (Jonathan Joseph); David Cannadine The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain (Andrew McCulloch); Andrew Scott Running on Empty: 'Modernising' the British and Australian Labour parties (Stuart Rosewarne); Robert Fine Political Investigations: Hegel, Marx, Arendt (Ian Craib); Gorz, A. Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-Based Society (Andy Cumbers); Werner Bonefeld (ed.) The Politics of Europe: Monetary Union and Class (Derek Kerr); Sean Creaven Marxism and Realism: A materialist application of realism in the social sciences (Neil Curry); Eric Toussaint Your Money or Your Life! The Tyranny of Global Finance (Wendy Olsen); Timothy Marjoribanks News Corporation, Technology and the Workplace: Global Strategies, Local Change (Ben Gidley)

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