Issue no.77
Summer '02


The Labour Theory of Value and the Strategic Role of Alienation
Wennerlind, Carl
Focusing on alienation as a particularly important moment of the accumulation process, this paper clariWes the synthetic and symbiotic relationship between alienation, social control, and value. It is argued that value can be deWned as the continuity of social control and that social control is established through the process of alienation.


Are Things Really Getting Better? The Labour Market Experience of Black and Female Youth at the Start of this Century
Cregan, Christina
By an analysis of econometric studies, case study work and oYcial statistics, this paper debunks the idea that, for the majority of young women and young blacks, 'things are getting better' in the labour market. The main explanation lies in the particular form of stratiWcation that each experiences. Policy recommendations are discussed.


'Throwing the Baby out with the Bath-Water' - Managers and Managerialism in the Post-Privatised Utilities
Mulholland, Kate
This paper explores the 'managerial labour process' in the utilities and draws on Armstrong's (1991) agency concept to demonstrate the manner in which staYng policies have re-cast professional cleavages as managers compete to protect their interests.


Neo-Liberalism and Labour within the Context of an 'Emerging Market' Economy - Turkey
Cam, Surhan
Neo-liberalism, labour and the experience of an 'emerging market' economy


European Integration: The Market, the Political and Class
Bonefeld, Werner
The article argues that the ec was founded to advance the free market in western Europe. It explores the relationship between mass society and the politics of a supranational commitment to market liberalism and examines the relationship between class and emu.


Book Review 77
Richard J. Golsan (ed.): Fascism's Return, Scandal, Revision and Ideology since 1980s (Werner Bonefeld); Gilbert Achcar (ed.): The Legacy of Ernest Mandel, (Richard Leitch)Colin Hay: The Political Economy of New Labour: Labouring Under False Pretences? (Ben Gidley); Herbert Marcuse: Feindanalyse, Über die Deutschen (Werner Bonefeld); Ben Rosamond: Theories of European Integration (Rosie Cunningham); Michael Sprinkler (ed.): Ghostly Demarcations: A Symposium on Jacques Derrida's Specters of Marx (Suman Gupta); Mike Davies: Late Victorian Holocausts (Andrew McCulloch); Ian Bentley: Urban Transformations. Power, people and urban design Kim Dovey: Framing Places. Mediating power in built form (Rob Atkinson) Ian Gough: Global Capital, Human Needs and Social Policies (Mike Howard)

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