Issue no.16
Spring '82


Nuclear Capital
Spence, Martin
An analysis of the nuclear industry as exemplifying trends in modern industrial development, in particular, the increasing fragmentation of labour and the partnership between multinational corporations and the state. The author argues that these developments are closing off strategic options for socialists, and suggests the outlines of an alternative economic and ecological strategy that exploits the contradictions in nuclear capital .


Direct Investment and Monopoly Theories of Imperialism
Olle, Werner; Schoeller, Wolfgang
An empirical refutation of 'monopoly theories' of direct foreign investment . The authors argue that the theory of imperialism originating in Lenin is seriously inadequate as an explanation of recent trends, particularly since the mid-60s. There is no systematic connection, they assert, between monopolisation of domestic capital and capital export.


Equilibrium, Uneven Development and Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall
Weeks, John
The work of Nobus Okishio and others has suggested that Marx's law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall is mistaken . The author argues that the Okishian theory is faulty.


Sex and Class
CSE Sex and Class Group,
A paper presented to the plenary session of the 1981 CSE conference, which was organised around the theme of the relationship between exploitation and oppression. The paper examines some aspects of previous CSE work, and argues for a feminist re-thinking of traditional socialist analysis.


Defeat at Fiat
Revelli, Marco
The failure of a strike against redundancies at FIAT in Turin during autumn 1980 foreshadowed more recent lay-offs throughout Italian industry. Here the editor of Primo Maggio analyses how long run changes in the labour process paved the way for the management offensive - and how the mobilisation of white collar workers in defence of the company strategy played a crucial part at a vital turning point.


The Brandt Report: A Programme for Survival?
Elson, Diane
The Brandt Report has been welcomed by some socialists as a positive move towards a new international order. This article questions the strategy posed in the report, and argues that it can meet neither the problem of human survival nor that of the survival of capitalism . It suggests an alternative direction for socialist strategies .


Socialist Economic Strategy: A Reply to Donald Schwarz
Hodgson, Geoff
A defence of the Alternative Economic Strategy as a transitional strategy to socialism, and an attempt to clarify the possible role of corporatism in this transition.


Review Article: 'Culture, Media, Language', edited by S. Hall, D. Hobson, A. Lowe, P. Willis
Lovell, Terry
An assessment of the work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, which argues for greater mutual interchange between CSE work on economics and political theory and current work on culture and ideology.


Book Review 16
Richard Minns: Pension Funds and British Capitalism / Liam O'Dowd, Bill Rolston and Mike Tomlinson: Northern Ireland : Between Civil Rights and Civil War

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