Issue no.35
Summer '88


Behind the News
The International Debt Crisis, Recent Developments
Hall, Mike
Mike Hall examines the contradictions and dilemmas, caused by recent strategies of debtor and creditor countries.


Behind the News
Hunger in Western Sudan
Pankhurst, Donna
Pankhurst argues that state agricultural policy did not directly lead to the conditions that caused famine in Sudan. The occurrence of famine can only be explained by adopting an historical perspective on socio-economic and environmental change.


Behind the News
Gerbil: The Education Reform Bill
Corrigan, Paul
Paul Corrigan argues that more than any other part of Mrs Thatcher's privatization programme, the Education Reform Bill, sponsored by Secretary of State for Education, Kenneth Baker, will use the market mechanism for purposes of reactionary social engineering . Gerbil threatens to be 'popular' because it exploits a parent-child relationship which the left has seriously to examine.


Behind the News
Afghanistan: The Horse Changes Riders
Neale, Jonathan
The Soviet army has been beaten for the first time and Afghanistan will pass over to a reactionary Islamic fundamentalist state. The implications are as profound as the defeat of the USA in Vietnam . For this reason we publish Jonathan Neale's extended assessment.


Behind the News
Reorientating South Africa's International Links
Pickles, John; Woods, Jeff
Looks at South Africa's restructuring policies in a hitherto neglected context, its growing international links with the Asian newly industrializing countries.


The Transformation Non-Problem and the Non-Transformation Problem
Kliman, Andrew; McGlone, Ted
This paper defends Marx's procedure for solving the transformation problem as a correct application of his dialectical method.


The Capitalist State and the Local Economy: 'Restructuring for Labour' and Beyond
Geddes, Mike
Argues that recent debate about local economic policy has largely failed to problematize the state . As a result the political directions advocated by many contributors to the debate are highly questionable .


The Money Expression of Value and the Credit System: A Value-Form Theoretic Outline
Reuten, Geert
By grounding capital accumulation entirely within the credit system, thus abandoning the need for the assumption a money-commodity, dialectical method establishes the determinancy of money, and a demand-led theory of the rate of interest.


The Dynamics of Value, Price and Profit
Walker, Richard
This article launches the new 'Survey' section of Capital & Class where different areas of economics will be reviewed from a Marxist perspective.


Book Review 35
Terrel Carver: A Marx Dictionary (Paul Smart) / Antonio Negri: Marx beyond Marx: Lessons on the Grundrisse (Werner Bonefeld, Richard Gunn, Paul Smart, Hugo Whitaker) / Allan Cochrane (ed): Developing Local Economic Strategies (Mike Geddes) / Ron Ramdin: The Making of the Black Working Class (Clive Harris) / Laurance Harris, Jerry Coakley, Martin Croasdale and Trevor Evans: New Perspectives on the Financial System (Andrew Kilmister) / Chris Smith: Technical Workers: Class, Laborism and Trade Unions (Mike Hales)

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