Issue no.36
Winter '88


Behind the News
Business Unionism and Fragmentation within the TUC
Waddington, Jeremy
Jeremy Waddington looks at the events which led to the EETPU's expulsion at this year's TUC conference, and the political implications for unionism in Britain.


Behind the News
Social Volcano: The Philippines Revolution
Jagan, Larry
Great liberal hopes followed the fall of President Marcos. Larry Jagan, back from the sugar island of Negros, assesses the brutal realities.


Value for Money in the Public Services
Kaser, Greg
Argues that the British left ought to address the challenge posed by 'value for money' accountancy and associated management schemes in the public services.


Overaccumulation, Class Struggle and the Regulation Approach
Clarke, Simon
Assesses the French regulation approach and argues that it is limited by a structural/functionalist view of capitalist history.


The Great Bear, Post-Fordism and Class Struggle: A Comment on Bonefeld and Jessop
Holloway, John
This reply to Jessop (C&C 34) develops some of the central themes raised by Bonefeld's article (C&C 33) on the reformulation of state theory.


Learning and teaching managerial economics: a critical approach
Provides a critical view of the teaching of this subject, showing its abandonment of use value considerations for valorization imperatives.


Austerity Packages and Beyond: Turkey since 1980
Margulies, Ronnie; Yildizoglu, Ergin
The authors provide a critical view of the austerity programme in Turkey in the early 1980s.


Book Review 36
Anthony Carew: Labour Under the Marshall Plan (Bill Schwarz) / Gugliemo Carchedi: Class Analysis and Social Research (Christopher J. Arthur) / Tony Novak: Poverty and the State, John Clarke, Alan Cochrane and Carol: Smart Ideologies of Welfare (Sean O'Sullivan) / John Foster and Charles Woolfson: The Politics of the UCS Work-in (John Fairley) / Duncan Foley: Understanding Capital : Marx's Economic Theory (David Weissert) / Ed. Jill Rubens: Women and Recession, Veronica Beechey: Unequal Work (Irene Bruegel) / Simon Clarke: Keynesianism, Monetarism and the Crisis of the State (John Holloway)

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