Issue no.38
Summer '89


Behind the News
Democracy in China and Hong Kong
Ure, John
In this article John Ure analyses China's democracy movement and its effect on Hong Kong.


Behind the News
The Greenhouse Effect
Kelly, P.M.; Karas, J.H.W.
This article discusses different scenarios of the effects of greenhouse warming, and the effectiveness of the solutions and responses which are presently available.


Behind the News
USSR: Unrelenting Economic Pressure for Reform
Blazyca, George
George Blazyca analyses the failure of central planning in the Soviet Union and the prospects for Gorbachev reform.


Financial Innovation, Crisis and the Contradictions of Central Bank Policy under Capitalism: The Case for Investment Fund Money
Burkett, Paul
The author examines the status, limits and contradictions of investment fund money and considers the implications for financial markets.


Marx's Theory of Capital
Heinrich, Michael
This article discusses, in critical terms, the concept of 'Capital in General', in relation to the Economic Manuscripts 1861-63 . These manuscripts are, as yet, not published in English.


Neoliberalism and the Recomposition of Finance Capital in Canada
Carroll, William J.
This article sets out to theorise the changing structure of 'Canadian' finance capital in the past decade.


Book Review 38
John Roemer: Free to Lose (Shaun Hargreaves-Heap) / Volker R Berghan and D Karsten: Industrial Relations in West Germany (Walther Muller-Jentsch) / Ball, Harloe and Martens: Housing and Social Change in Europe and the USA (Oriel Sullivan) / Green and Sutcliffe: The Profit System (John Dunne) / Toni Negri: Revolution Retrieved (John Holloway) / Harold Wolpe: Race, Class and the Apartheid State (Yunus Mohamed) / Cliff and Gluckstein: The Labour Party: A Marxist History (John Callaghan) / Paul Teague: Beyond the Rhetoric (James Wickham) / Jill Rubery: Women and Recession, Veronica Beechey: Unequal Work (Irene Bruegel)

Capital & Class (ISSN 0309 8168)


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