Issue no.70
Spring '00


Behind the News
Hyundai Motors 1998-1999: The Anatomy of a Strike
Neary, Mike
In August 1998 Hyundai Motor Workers Union, the most important union in S. Korea, went on strike. Michael Neary reports on the dispute and its consequences for the Korean labour movement.


Globalization, New Internationalism and the Zapatistas
De Angelis, Massimo
This article suggests that the driving force of today's new internationalism is not a common ideology, but needs and the practical necessities of different movements within the context of the global economy. A commentary on some of the texts of the Zapatistas reveals important insights about conditions and constitutive processes of struggles in today's world.


Mobilising Ulster Unionism: New Directions or Old?
McAuley, James W.
This article analyses the changing social relationships of Ulster Unionism within the contemporary period involving a search for political settlement in Ireland. In particular it outlines the altered political focus and organisation of crucial sections of the Protestant working class. It then assesses whether this can be understood as a permanent political fissure within Unionism.


The Crisis of Labour Relations in Germany
Upchurch, Martin
An examination of the instability of the German 'model' of industrial relations. The author argues that employers are engaged in an 'organised retreat' from the labour-friendly aspect of the model. Current labour disputes and strategic responses from the state are analysed.


Socialist Feminism, Reproductive Rights and Political Action
Hoggart, Lesley
This article examines the process of translating socialist feminist political aims into political activity around reproductive rights. It includes a consideration of the strategy of feminist alliances with socialist movements in political practice. It does so through a study of the Workers' Birth Control Group in the 1920s and the National Abortion Campaign in the 1970s.


The Dialectical Structure of Marx's Concept of 'Revolution in Permanence'
Hudis, Peter
While the limitations of Hegel's political reconciliation with existing reality has long been evident, today's efforts to reconstitute a Marxian critique of capital cannot succeed without a reencounter with Marx's rootedness in and transcendence of Hegel's dialectic of absolute negativity.


Book Review 70
Peter Gurney: Co-operative Culture and the Politics of Consumption in England, 1870–1930 (Matthew Watson) / Eileen Drew, Ruth Emerek and Evelyn Mahon (eds.): Women, Work and the Family in Europe (David Camfield) / Klaus Nürnberger: Beyond Marx and Market (Lewis Higgins) / Kevin R. Cox (ed.): Spaces of Globalisation: Reasserting the Power of the Local (Derek Kerr) / Kalbir Shukra: The Changing Pattern of Black Politics in Britain (Angus Bancroft) / Jane Wheelock and Åge Mariussen (eds.): Households, Work and Economic Change: A Comparative Institutional Perspective (Andrew McCulloch) / John Holloway and Eloína Peláez (eds.): Zapatista! Reinventing Revolution in Mexico (Massimo De Angelis) / Ray Kiely: Industrialization and Development. A Comparative Analysis (Scott MacWilliam) / Edward Reiss: Marx: A Clear Guide (David Watts) / Richard Evans: Regenerating Town Centres (Rob Atkinson) / Anthony Bogues: Caliban's Freedom: The Early Political Thought of C.L.R. James (David Harvie) / Mike Noon and Paul Blyton: The Realities of Work (Martin Spence) / Tom Burden: Social Policy and Welfare: A Clear Guide (Allan Cochrane)

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