Issue no.54
Autumn '94


Behind the News
Italy's Armoured Democracy
Ruggiero, Vincenzo
In the aftermath of right wing and fascist victories in the recent Italian parliamentary elections, Ruggiero reports and comments on the demonstration held in Milan on the 25th April to celebrate the anniversary of Italy's liberation.


Behind the News
Northern Ireland: Dependency, Class and Cross-Border Integration in the European Union
Anderson, James; Goodman, James
The authors discuss the issue of European economic integration for Northern Ireland and its implications for the economics and politics of Irish unity.


The Structural and Ideological Contradictions of Britain's Post-War Reconstruction
Hay, Colin
Hay provides a critique of the 'exceptionalism' thesis and develops a theoretical model to analyse Britain's post-war reconstruction.


Capitalist Restructuring and Socialist Strategies for the Port Transport Industry
Turnbull, Peter
This paper aims to develop a strategy for labour in relation to the port transport industry by examining the recent restructuring of Britain's ports.


Striking a New Balance: New Social Organisations in Post-Mao China
Howell, Jude
The article examines the changing relationship between state and society in post–Mao China, following economic liberalisation policies and the emergence of new social organisations.


Against Critical Realism
Magill, Kevin
The author challenges the claim that Roy Bhaskar's 'critical realism' can serve as a guide to social inquiry.


Book Review 54
F. Moseley (Editor): Marx's Method in Capital reviewed by Ali Shamsavari / Chris Arthur (Editor): Marx's Capital: A Student Edition reviewed by Simon Clarke / Karl Marx and Frederick Engels Collected Works, Volume 34: Marx 1861–64 reviewed by Chris Arthur / Willie Thompson: The Long Death of British Labourism reviewed by Geoffrey Foote / Michael Harrington: Socialism: Past and Future reviewed by Martin Spence / Rosemary Crompton: Class and Stratification. An Introduction to Current Debates reviewed by Guglielmo Carchedi / Moishe Postone: Time, Labor, and Social Domination reviewed by Chris Arthur / Stuart Wilks (Editor): Talking about Tomorrow reviewed by Martin Spence / Midnight Notes Collective: Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, War, 1973–1992 reviewed by Les Levidow / Gerald Kraak: Breaking the Chains: Labour in South Africa in the 1970's and 1980's reviewed by Ben Fine / Tim Lang and Colin Hines: The New Protectionism reviewed by Martin Spence / Pete Alcock: Understanding Poverty reviewed by Marion E. Jones

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