Issue no.51
Autumn '93


Behind the News
Training and Enterprise Councils: The Privatisation of Britain's Unemployment Problem?
Tonge, Jonathan
The author examines the contradictions within the British Government's strategy for tackling unemployment.


The Limits of Social Democratic Economic Policy in Australia
Kuhn, Rick
Kuhn argues that Australian Labor Governments in the 1980s and '90s have used their special relationship with the working class to push through conventional economic restructuring in the interests of capital.


Value and Consumption: Prolegomena to the Theory of Crsis
Rosenthal, John
On the basis of analysis of the logic of exchange, Rosenthal shows that under capitalist conditions the source of effective demand is the capitalist class; thus crisis cannot derive from limits on wages.


On the Political Economy of 'Post-Fordist' Telecommunications: The US Experience
Luthje, Boy
This article focusses on the breakup of the former us telephone monopoly, AT&T, in 1984 and explores the economic, social and political implications of this event.


Unperceived Inflation in Shaikh, and Kliman and McGlone: Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, or Nonequilibrium?
Naples, Michele I.
This article critically reviews two important contributions to the debate on the 'Transformation Problem' by Kliman and McGlone (see Capital&Class 35) and Anwar Shaikh (1977).


'Value in Process': A Reply to Naples
Kliman, Andrew
In his reply to Naples' critique, Kliman draws on and develops further Kliman's and McGlones' position. He argues that the disagreement is rooted in different concepts of value.


Labour Migration from Turkey to Western Europe (1960-1974): An Analytical Review
Akgunduz, Ahmet
In his article Akgündüz explores the factors behind Turkish migration to Western Europe, in particular Germany, during the period 1960–1974.


Book Review 51
Danny Burns: Poll Tax Rebellion reviewed by Paul Barrett / Peter Burnham: The Political Economy of Postwar Reconstruction reviewed by Werner Bonefeld / Hillel Ticktin: The Politics of Race: Discrimination in South Africa reviewed by Robert Fine. / R. J. Holton: Economy and Society reviewed by Simon Locke.

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