Issue no.29
Summer '86


Behind the News
Labour and the Local State in Liverpool
Thompson, Paul; Allen, Mike
Offers a critique of the politics of the Militant and Labour administration in Liverpool.


Behind the News
The Westland Affair: Collision over the Future of British Capitalism
Overbeek, Henk
What did the Westland affair represent? This article-first published in Belgium - uses the Westland affair to pose some questions on the nature of Thatcherism and the structure of the British ruling class.


Nationalised Industry Policies and the Destruction of Communities: Some Evidence from North East England
Beynon, Huw; Hudson, Ray; Sadler, David
Examines the effects of nationalised industries policies upon the North East of England and draws out some of the problems inherent in developing a rational socialist policy for the public sector.


Industrial Policy and Socialist Strategy: Restructuring and the Unity of the Working Class
Gough, Jamie
Argues that recent progressive restructuring policies which have developed around the concept of flexible specialisation, and are put forward by the Greater London Council among others, not only cannot solve the crisis of accumulation but end up by exacerbating divisions between groups of workers.


What Is to Be Done with Radical Academic Practice?
Lauder, Hugh; Freeman-Moir, John; Scott, Allan
A critique of radical educational theorists which argues that the structures and processes of bourgeois academic institutions and publishing houses have been determining forces in radical academic practice.


From Industrial Revolution to the Computer Revolution: First Signs of a New Combination of Material and Human Productive Forms
Lojkine, Jean
Considers the successive transformations of production by mechanisation, automation and computerisation and applies Marxist categories to assess the potential direction and significance of these changes.


Situating Migrants in Theory: The Case of Filipino Migrant Contract Construction Workers
Gibson, Katherine; Graham, Julie
What is the specific function of migrant labour in contemporary capitalism? Gibson and Graham suggest, through an analysis of Filipino migrant labour, that the role of the state in organising migrant labour has changed from covert to oven involvement.


International Capital, Indigenous Accumulation and the State in Papua New Guinea: The case of the Development Bank
MacWilliam, Scott
Examines, for the case of Australia's former colony, how the financial strategy of a state agency is subject to tensions between the demands of the World Bank to promote small-scale production and the accumulation project of an indigenous bourgeoisie.


Rethinking the Terms of Tenure: A Feminist Critique of Mike Ball
Banion, Maura; Stubbs, Cherrie
Offers a critique of Michael Ball's position on housing for his failure to give proper consideration to the issue of gender, and argues that gender relations in housing tenure must be taken into account if patriarchal domination as well as class domination are to be challenged by a socialist housing strategy.


Review Article: 'Classes', by E.O. Wright
Carchedi, Guiglielmo
A critical analysis of the basic concepts of Erk Olin Wright's recent book 'Classes', which argues that Wright's relation to Marxist theory needs to be seriously debated. Carchedi in turn articulates a defence of some Marxist concepts against recent critiques.


Book Review 29
A. Giddens: The Nation State and Violence (Bob Jessop) / S . Lukes: Marxism and Morality (Chris Arthur) / B. Troyna and J. Williams: Racism, Education and the State (Rachel Sharp) / B. Fine and L. Harris : The Peculiarities of the British Economy / (Kevin Morgan) / E. Preteceille and J.P . Terrail: Capitalism, Consumption and Needs (M. Dunford)

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