Issue no.63
Autumn '97


Behind the News
The Ascendancy of Neo-Liberalism in Australia
Fairbrother, Peter; Svensen, Stuart; Teicher, Julian
Australia has recently suffered the implementation of a wide-ranging neo-liberal agenda, first by Labour and then by the conservative Coalition government. Given the interest shown in Australia by Blair and his colleagues, it is important to understand and critique these recent developments.


Behind the News
The British Labour Movement and Economic and Monetary Union in Europe
Strange, Gerard
The author examines how Labour and the unions have addressed the controversial issues surrounding European economic and monetary union. Different assessments of EMU have been evident in the British labour movement. While there are common concerns about the deflationary impact of the 'convergence criteria', there is less agreement about how to respond to these concerns.


Behind the News
Working Schoolchildren in Britain Today
Rikowski, Glenn; Neary, Mike
The authors review the available research into child labour in Britain and record the historical shortcomings of British legislation on this matter. They also demonstrate the Tory government's attempt to downplay the issue and to undermine limited reform proposals from the European commission.


Production without Empowerment: Work-Reorganization from the Perspective of Motor Vehicle Workers
Lewchuk, Wayne; Robertson, David
This paper examines the relationship between new forms of work organization and worker empowerment from the perspective of workers. The data is drawn from a survey of Canadian automobile workers. It sheds light on what it is like to work in plants organized according to the principles of lean production compared with more traditionally organized plants.


Restructuring State Employment: Labour and Non-Labour in the Capitalist State
Carter, Bob
Despite the growth of Marxist scholarship on the nature of the capitalist state and widespread interest in the capitalist labour process, examinations of labour within the state are rare. The author attempts to bring together these concerns through a perspective which connects the contradictory functions of the state to the nature of labour within it.


The EMU, Monetary Crisis, and the Single European Currency
Carchedi, Guiglielmo
An investigation into the EMU and the Euro within the frame of the labour theory of value and of class analysis.


An Alternaive Reading of the Transformation of Values into Prices of Production
Saad-Filho, Alfredo
This article reviews the 'transformation problem' from the point of view of differences in the organic (rather than value) composition of capital. This approach neatly confirms some of the most powerful insights of Marx's theory of value.


Book Review 63
Howard J. Sherman: Reinventing Marxism reviewed by Ian Fraser / Len Richardson: Coal, Class and Community: The United Mineworkers of New Zealand 1880–1960 reviewed by David Fasenfest / Roger Middleton: Government versus the Market: the Growth of the Public Sector, Economic Management and British Economic Performance, c.1890–1979 reviewed by Paul Reynolds / Charles Fourier: The Theory of Four Movements reviewed by Filio Diamanti / Lindsey German: A Question of Class reviewed by David Harvie / Peter McLaverty: The Politics of Empowerment reviewed by Matthew Watson / Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Giovanna F. Dalla Costa: Paying the Price. Women and the Politics of International Economic Strategy reviewed by Massimo De Angelis / Aleksander Pavkovic, Halyna Koscharsky and Adam Czarnota (eds.): Nationalism and Postcommunism reviewed by Jonathan Joseph / Antonio Calliari and David F. Ruccio (eds.): Postmodern Materialism and the future of Marxist Theory reviewed by Cyril Smith / David Coates and John Hillard (eds.): UK Economic Decline: Key Texts; and David Coates (ed.): Industrial Policy in Britain reviewed by Peter Mottershead / Tim Butler and Michael Rustin (eds.): Rising in the East? The Regeneration of East London reviewed by Luis LM Aguiar / Victor D. Lippit: Radical Political Economy: Explorations in Alternative Economic Analysis reviewed by Alfredo Saad Filho / Momme Brodersen (tr. MR Green and I Ligers): Walter Benjamin: A Biography reviewed by Adrian Wilding / Carl-Erich Vollgraf, R. Sperl and R. Hecker: Engels' Edited Version versus Marx's Manuscripts of the Volume III of 'Capital' reviewed by Susanne-Maria Söderberg

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