Issue no.59
Summer '96


Behind the News
France 1995: The Backward March of Labour Halted?
Jefferys, Steve
This article argues that the 1995 French strike wave had several features common to those other post war strike waves, despite taking place against a background of twenty years of rising or high levels of unemployment, suggesting that collective responses to changes in employment and welfare provisions should not be written off.


Behind the News
The Russian Miners' Strike of February 1996
Borisov, Vadim; Clarke, Simon
The authors discuss the background and particular significance of this, the latest of a series of Russian miners' strikes.


Marx's Fourth Capital Circuit
In the first draft of Volume II of Capital Marx set out four circuits of capital, not three as in the final version. The fourth starts from 'the factors of the labour process'. Here reasons for and against such a circuit are examined.


Testing Marx: A Note
Maniatis, Thanasis
The author citicizes the empirical methodology employed in a recent article by P. Cockshott, A. Cottrell and G. Michaelson for testing some key Marxian theses and argues that A. Shaikh and E.A. Tonak's recent book satisfies the need to establish a commonly accepted framework for marxist empirical research.


A Reply to Maniatis
Cockshott, Paul; Cottrell, Allin; Michaelson, Greg
The authors respond to Thanasis Maniatis' criticism of their article 'Testing Marx: some new results from UK data' which appeared in Capital & Class 55.


Exploitation: The Original Saint-Simonian Account
Cunliffe, John; Reeve, Andrew
Contemporary analyses of exploitation still dispute the scope of the concept, and its connection with different forms of injustice for example, oppression, domination and exclusion. This article demonstrates that these problems can be traced all the way back to the original account of exploitation (using that term itself), developed by the Saint-Simonians in the late 1820s.


Which Path to Paradise? Andre Gorz, Political Ecology and the Green Movement
Strange, Gerard
This article provides a critical analysis of the role of productivism and its political implications in Gorz's political ecology.


Coming to Terms with Quality: UNISON and the Restructuring of Local Government
Fitzgerald, Ian; Rainnie, A.F.; Stirling, John
This article argues that current notions of quality are managerially driven and have major implications for trade union organisation.


The Birth of Socialist Labour
Heron, Brian
Two contributions on the nature of the newly formed Socialist Labour Party: Brian Heron: The Birth of Socialist Labour/ Paul Allende: A 'New' Socialist Party?


Book Reviews
Book Reviews
Ash Amin (editor): Post Fordism: A Reader reviewed by Andrew Sayer / P. Blyton and P. Turnbull / The Dynamics of Employee Relations reviewed by Andrew Friedman / Werner Bonefeld: The Recomposition of the British State During the 1980s reviewed by Derek Kerr / Werner Bonefeld, Richard Gunn, John Holloway and Kosmos Psychopedis (editors): Emancipating Marx: Volume III of Open Marxism reviewed by Cyril Smith / Simon Tormay: Making Sense of Tyranny: Interpretations of Totalitarianism reviewed by Jonathan Joseph / M. Savage and A. Miles: The Remaking of the British working Class, 18401940 reviewed by Anne Dennehy / Ian Hunt: Analytical and Dialectical Marxism reviewed by Lawrence Wilde / Geoff Andrews, Nina Fishman and Kevin Morgan (editors): Opening the Books. Essays on the Social and Cultural History of the British Communist Party reviewed by Filio Diamanti

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