Issue no.61
Spring '97


Behind the News
Striking Smarter and Harder at Vauxhall: The New Industrial Relations of Lean Production
Stewart, Paul
The dispute at Vauxhall Motors UK between August 1995 and February 1996 raised important questions concerning the impact of lean production on trade unions and employees. After almost six years of propaganda and promises by management the trade unions demonstrated that lean production could be challenged, although long term success will require strategies geared towards a new politics of production.


Behind the News
Adversity and Opportunity: Towards Union Renewal in Manufacturing, Science and Finance?
Carter, Bob
British trade unions' attempts to come to terms with changing employment practices and loss of membership have proved relatively half-hearted. The author looks at a more radical attempt at union renewal in MSF, examining whether the forces of conservatism will outweigh the drive from the centre towards an organising rather than a servicing model.


The Political Economy of Neo-Liberal Reform in Latin America: A Critical Appraisal
Richards, Donald G.
The author offers a new interpretation of neo-liberalisation in Latin America, arguing that from the perspective of the majority of the urban working class and rural peasantry neo-liberalism has had decidedly adverse consequences. In doing so, he calls into question the accuracy of academic and journalistic interpretations of Latin American neo-liberalism.


China: Labour Reform and the Challenge Facing the Working Class
Lau, Raymond W.K.
China's labour reform has been at the cost of urban workers, whose struggles, have taken on new forms in response, and are currently in their third wave since 1978. The regime is taking every precaution to forestall social explosion, while workers remain unorganized and ideologically unprepared.


Two of a Kind: Hegel, Marx, Dialectic and Form
Fraser, Ian
The dialectic of Hegel and the dialectic of Marx are the same. Charges of mysticism against Hegel ignore the materialist basis of his dialectic which, in a similar fashion to Marx, is rooted in the analysing of forms of society.


The 'New Industrial Relations' and Class Struggle in the 1990s
Danford, Andy
This article examines the contradictions between the pervasive ideology of 'worker commitment' and 'empowerment' associated with the new management techniques and the material processes of labour exploitation and conflict at work in the 1990s.


The New Revolution in Economics
Fine, Ben
The author argues that orthodox economics is breaking out of a position of relative isolation and is increasingly colonising areas which have been immune from its methodology, providing its critics with both threats and opportunities.


Book Review 61
Werner Bonefeld, Alice Brown and Peter Burnham: A MajorCrisis? The Politics of Economic Policy in Britain in the 1990s reviewed by John Foster/ Boe Thio: Nonlinear Dynamics and Unemployment Theory reviewed by Alan Freeman / Makoto Itoh: Political Economy for Socialism reviewed by Costas Lapavitsas / Terrell Carver (ed.): Marx: Later Political Writings reviewed by A. Williams / Hanna Behrend (ed.): German Unification. The Destruction of an Economy reviewed by Werner Bonefeld / Paul L. Knox and Peter J. Taylor (eds.): World Cities in a World-System reviewed by Vincenzo Ruggiero / Aletta J. Norval: Deconstructing Apartheid Discourse reviewed by Alana Dave / Samuel Hollander: Ricardo: The New View—Collected Essays I reviewed by Man-Seop Park / J. M. Neeson: Commoners: Common Right, Enclosure and Social Change in England, 1700–1820 reviewed by Derek Kerr / Fred Moseley: Heterodox Economic Theories reviewed by Alfredo Saad Filho

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