Issue no.32
Summer '87


Behind the News
USSR under Gorbachev: The First Two Years
Cox, Terry
Analyses the impact of the current Soviet reforms on economic performance and on different sectors of Soviet society.


Behind the News
GATT and Uruguay
Ransom, David
Looks behind the luxury surroundings of GATT's meeting in Punta del Este, Uruguay, to the grim realities which have over-taken Latin America in recent years.


Behind the News
The South African Development Co-Ordination Conference
Phillips, Peter; Pyecroft, Chris
Describes how the independent South African states have attempted to reduce their dependence on South Africa and the difficulties and problems they face in relation to the sanctions.


After Chernobyl
Spence, Martin
Examines the future of the world's nuclear industry in the after-math of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.


Manufactured in the UK? Special Steels, Motor Vehicles and the Politics of Industrial Decline
Hudson, Ray; Sadler, David
Examines the problems of sectoral strategy for the special steel industry in the context of its interdependence with the motor industry and the limits of local and national government intervention.


Marx after Steedman: Separating Marxism from 'Surplus Theory'
Roberts, Bruce
There is more than one 'surplus theory', and the double structure of Marx's value theory is different in important ways from Steedman's analysis.


Exploitation and the Labour Theory of Value: A Neo-Marxian Reply
Rankin, Steve
Argues that Roberts' 'double structure' approach to Value Theory involves a strange hybrid of prices and labour values. Steedman's critique can be answered most effectively through a reformulation of the Morishima-type defence of value analysis. Craigavon: The development and dismantling of Northern Ireland's new town; an example of capitalist planning and the management of disinvestment


Craigavon: The development and Dismantling of Nothern Ireland's New Town; an Example of Capitalists Planning and the Management of Disinvestment
Blackman, Tim
Craigavon New Town has been a symbol of Protestant domination in Northern Ireland. This article argues that an understanding of its history also requires an analysis of its place in capitalist restructuring and the management of the reserve army of labour which has many parallels with experiences ofother British regional policies.


The Red Rose of Nissan
Holloway, John
In an attempt at a broad interpretation of current social and political changes, John Holloway argues that Thatcherism is a transitional type of government, well-suited to destroying the vestiges of Fordism / Keynesianism, but not suitable for establishing the political patterns of a post-Fordist state.


Review Article: 'The Living Economy', edited by P. Ekins
Mackintosh, Maureen


Review Article: 'Machinery of Dominance', by C. Cockburn
Liff, Sonia


Book Review 32
Anne Phillips: Divided Loyalties, Lynne Segal: Is the Future Female? (Ruth Pearson) / Ralph Miliband, Leo Panitch and John Saville (eds): Socialist Register 1987 (Bob Jessop) / Chris Arthur: Dialectics of Labour: Marx and His Relation to Hegel (Scott Meilde) / Polly Hill: Development Economics on Trial (Alan Sillitoe)

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