Issue no.19
Spring '83


Behind the News
Cable Technology
Hughes, Patrick; McCarthey, neil
New cabletechnology is capable of carrying not only TV but all concernable telecommunications until well into the 21 st century. The aim of government and major companies is to undermine British Telecom and create lucrative private monopolies in certain sectors. Cable Tv has to be considered alongside the privatisation of BT. Patrick Hughes and Neil McCarthey argue that local authorities have a role in developing oppositional strategy.


Aspects of Militarism
Smith, Ron
Militarism is central to modern society. How can it be understood? The article considers high levels of military expenditure, the militarisation of domestic social relations, the use of force on the international scene and the nuclear arms race .


Militarism and Socialist Theory
MacKenzie, Donald
Explanations of militarism that rely on 'the weapons system' and on economic arguments are not enough . This article argues for the central importance of the state, patriarchy and culture.


The Decentralisation of Production - The Decline of the Mass-Collective Worker?
Murray, Fergus
Capital's response to declining profits and workers' resistance in Italian manufacturing industry has been decentralisation and automation . The labour movement needs to up-date its strategies too.


Industrialisation, Women and Working Class Politics in the West of Ireland
Harris, Lorelei
State-sponsored industrialisation has brought many women into employment in multinational enterprises in Co. Mayo. What are the implications for trade unionism and working class politics now women have a voice outside the home?


Restructuring in West European Industry
Grahl, John
What is actually happening and how fast? Facts, figures and opinion on the restructuring process in capitalist crisis.


The Decline and Fall of Michael Manley: Jamaica 1972-80
James, Winston
A critical analysis of 'democratic socialism' in Jamaica. Destabilisation, machinations of the CIA are insufficient explanation for the collapse of a regime riddled with internal contradiction.


Review Article: The Political Economy of Military Expenditure
Georgiou, George
The literature on military expenditure and the arms race, Marxist and Non-Marxist. The case for abandoning the search for a general theory.

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