Issue no.24
Winter '85


Behind the News
The Origins of Rebellion in the Punjab
Bhushan, Bharat
In June, the Indian government imposed military rule in its North West state of Punjab, bringing to an end (for the present, at least) a widely-supported agitation. After three years of sporadic violence and intermittent negotiations, the agitation had become an armed rebellion based in the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Bharat Bhushan, in an article written before the assassination of Mrs Gandhi, identifies the economic, political and religious changes which contributed to the rebellion and possibly to her death.


Coming to terms with Owner Occupation
Ball, Michael
Argues that the left has failed to develop a coherent housing strategy because of its attitudes to owner occupation. Fundamental political changes will only be achieved if the debate extends beyond tenure to challenge the existing structures of housing provision.


Economic Crisis and Sexual Division of Labour: The Case of Brazil
Hirata, Helena; Humphrey, John
This article looks at the impact of crisis and unemployment on women workers in an electrical plant in Brazil.


Marx after Schumpeter
Bellofiore, Riccardo
Schumpeter, born in the year of Marx's death, has been described as 'Marx's greatest critic.' Bellofiore considers Schumpeter's economic system, and how it can illuminate Marxist theory.


Just Haad on a Minute there: A Rejection of Andre Gorz's 'Farewell to the Working Class'.
Byrne, David
Argues that the left's enthusiasm for Gorz is misplaced and begins to develop an alternative form of working class utopian project.


Money Makes the World Go Round
Evans, Trevor
This paper offers a brief history of money and international financial institutions. It then comments on the relation between international finance and contemporary economic crises.


What's Right with the Berg Report and what's Left of its Critics?
Sender, John; Smith, Sheila
In 1981 the World Bank published the Berg Report, a critique of the economic policies pursued by states in sub-Saharan Africa. It was the object of criticism from liberal and dependency schools of thought. Sender and Smith argue that Berg was (in part) right and the critics wrong. On the way they identify some Left ideological baggage.


A Rejoinder to Eldred (A Historical Approach to the Question of Abstract Labour)
David Gleicher
Capital and Class 23 contained a reply by Michael Eldred to David Gleicher's earlier article on abstract labour (C&C 21). Here Gleicher briefly defends and extends his original argument.

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