Issue no.64
Spring '98


Behind the News
'Happy Families?': Single Mothers, the Press and the Politicians
Atkinson, Karen; Oerton, Sarah; Burns, Diane
The authors explore how policy agendas, political rhetoric and news interweave to construct a definition of lone parents which may bear little resemblance to how they see themselves.


Behind the News
Caribbean 2000: No Place in the Sun
Harrison, Michelle
This article considers the impact of W.T.O. policy, and the reform of European Union special trade arrangements, upon the commodity dependent economies of the Caribbean.


Behind the News
The PFI Miracle
Kerr, Derek
This article charts the development of the PFI from its inception in 1992. While the rhetoric surrounding this policy is that of efficiency and improved public benefit, this article suggests that the reality is one of depoliticising state sponsored service provision and subjecting that provision to the rule of money.


Behind the News
Death of a Princess
Kirby, Mark
The death of Princess Diana gave rise to extraordinary public grief, criticism of the royal family and much talk of republicanism. The author examines several aspects of Diana's public presence, the content of the 'floral revolution' and the likely course of royal 'modernisation'. He concludes that the effect on British society is likely to be conservative.


Resisting the Rise of Non-Unionism: The Case of the Press Workers in the Newspaper Industry
Gall, Gregor
The experience of press workers in the newspaper industry is examined to show how workers can rebuild their collective organisations to resist and supplant the increasing prevalence of non-unionism by utilising the spaces and opportunities provided by the recomposition of the labour process.


Neo Liberalism Revised? A Critical Account of World Bank Concepts of Good Governance and Marked Friendly Intervention
Kiely, Ray
Kiely examines recent World Bank explanations for developmental successes and failures and criticizes the Bank's continued commitment to a flawed neo-liberal paradigm. Alternative explanations for the rise of the NICs are presented, and implications drawn out for the developing world.


Capitalism, Industrialisation and Development in Latin America: The Dependency Paradigm Revisited
Ayres, Ron; Clark, David
This paper reopens the debate about the validity of the Dependency paradigm in the light of recent achievements in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Irrational Choice? On Freedom, Coercion and the Labour Contract
Scott, Allan
This article examines the contrasting views of Marx with those of Weber and Simmel on the role of coercion and freedom in the emergence of wage labour. This 'dispute' has been given new significance by recent shifts towards more 'flexible' and less 'secure' work patterns.


Book Review 64
Simon Clarke (ed.): Labour Relations in Transition an extended review by Martin Spence / N. Dorn, J. Jepsen and E. Savova (eds.): European Drug Policies and Enforcement, and Mark P. Hampton: The Offshore Interface. Tax Havens in the Global Economy a double review by Vincenzo Ruggiero / Edward W. Soja: Thirdspace: Journeys to Los Angeles and other Real-and-Imagined Places (Rob Atkinson) / Elizabeth Silva: Good Enough Mothering? Feminist Perspectives on Lone Motherhood (Karen Atkinson) / Tony Aspromourgos: On the Origins of Classical Economics (Man-Seop Park) / J. Hardy and A. Rainnie: Restructuring Krakow. Desperately Seeking Capitalism (Jude Howell) / N. Thrift: Spatial Formations (Lutz Luithlen) / Christopher J. Arthur (ed.): Engels Today: A Centenary Appreciation (Ian Fraser) / Ellen F. Paul, F.D. Miller Jr and J. Paul (eds.): Contemporary Political and Social Philosophy (Paul Reynolds) / David Goldblatt: Social Theory and the Environment (Gerard Strange) / Tim Battin and Graham Maddox (eds.): Socialism in Contemporary Australia (Thomas Murakami) / Brian Manning: Aristocrats, Plebeians and Revolution in England 16401660 (Colin A.M. Duncan) / Derek H. Aldcroft and Steven Morewood: Economic Change in Eastern Europe Since 1918 (Karl Petrick) / Ken Post: Regaining Marxism (Alfredo Saad Filho)

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