Issue no.20
Summer '83


The 'Emancipation' of Women in the 1970s and 1980s: From the Latent to the Floating
Humphries, Jane
The concept of a reserve army of labour cannot be applied to women without some appreciation of Marx and Engels' vision of female proletarianisation . This article uses American data to explore the hypothesis that women constituted a latent labour reserve which is in the process of being fully assimilated into the labour force.


Use Values, the Law of Value and the Analysis of Non-Capitalist Production
Bryceson, Deborah Fahy
The law of value provides the conceptual framework for understanding the social allocation of labour under all modes of production. The theory can, however, only be applied to non-capitalist production by reformulating the meaning of the term 'use value' and sharpening the distinction between the terms 'value' and 'exchange value.'


Steel: The South African Connection
Bush, Ray; Cliffe, Lionel; Sketchley, Paul
The British steel industry's dependence on strategic South African raw materials is artifical. Sanctions against the apartheid state would therefore not be inconsistent with the interests of British workers.


Pension Funds and Local Authority Investments
Murray, Robin
The left has tended to focus on criticisms of the role of financial institutions in discussions of Britain's economic decline. This article argues for a shift of focus to restructuring for labour and finance not subject to the logic of profitability . Local authority pension funds are seen as meeting both of these criteria .


Pension Funds - An Alternative View
Minns, Richard
To control finance and challenge accepted City views should be important components of any left strategy. This article argues that local authorities must mobilise and control part of the cash flow of pension funds if they are to have any impact on the local economy.


Capitalism and Nuclear Power - A Reassessment
Ruedig, Wolfgang
Engages with Martin Spence (C&C 16). Rudig takes an international perspective and discusses the involvement of the state, nationalized industry, marxism and the trade union movement in this dead-end technology.


Fighting Multinational Power: Possibilties, Limitations and Contradictions
Baldry, Chris; Haworth, Nigel; Henderson, Simon; Ramsay, Harvey
An analysis of the fight against the closure of the Massey Ferguson plant in Kilmarnock in 1978.


Review Article: 'Partial Progress: The Politics of Science and Technology', by D. Albury, J. Schwartz
Schwarz, Bill
A discussion of Partial Progress: The Politics of Science and Technology by David Albury and Joseph Schwartz, and of the relationship of marxism to science.

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