Issue no.13
Spring '81


Behind the News
Poland's New Working Class Movement
MacDonald, Oliver
The origins and composition of Solidarity ; the role it plays for workers in a state without democratic institutions; the attitude of other social groups and the response of the state; what next?


Reconstructing Value-Form Analysis
Eldred, Michael; Hanlon, Marnie
The authors argue that Marx's value theory should be purged of embodied labour concepts inherited from Ricardo, in order to re-construct a coherent analysis of the form of value. They then follow through the implications of this for other aspects of Capital's analysis.


Some Characteristics of Japanese-type Multinaltional Enterprises Today
Nakase, Toshikazu
The author deploys detailed empirical evidence to support his contentions that Japanese Multi-Nationals can only be under-stood by analysis of the following specific aspects: their integration with state capital and with the world policies of US capital; the development of 'sogo-shosha' (general trading companies); the balance of investment as between the raw materials, commercial and banking and the manufacturing sectors; the role of small and medium sized firms; and the internal structures of Japanese multi-nationals and their subsidiaries.


The Eclipse of Politics: The Alternative Economic Strategy as Socialist Strategy
Schwarz, Donald
This critique of the AES disputes the compatability of its political and economic objectives and argues that the dominance of economic demands glosses over political dangers and inadequacies.


Local Politics and Local Government
Flynn, Tosh
A major part of the Tories' attack on the working class is being conducted through reductions in local authority expenditure and increases in central government control. This article looks at strategies for resisting that attack, and argues the need to take local government seriously as an arena for struggle.


Interview with Toni Negri
Partridge, Hilary
A disturbing interview with this Italian Autonomist (and CSE member) who has been in prison without trial since April 1979. He talks about repression in Italy and the criminalisation of Autonomia, his prison experience, political developments in Italy and about the changing focus of class struggle.


Review Article: 'The British Economic Disaster', by A. Glyn, J. Harrison
Fine, Ben
A critical assessment of both the underlying economic argument and the political argument of this widely-read book.


Book Review 13
Housing and Residential Structure: Alternative Approaches (Keith Basset and John Short) / Housing for People or for Profit? (John Cowley) / State Housing in Britain (Stephen Merrett)

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