Issue no.33
Winter '87


Behind the News
Korea: From Dependency to Democracy?
Foster-Carter, Aiden
Aiden Foster-Carter argues that Brazil, not the Philippines, is the better parallel to the events which open the way to a future reunification of North and South.


Behind the News
Iran: Background to the Gulf War
Poya, Maryam
Maryam Poya explains Iran's internal contradictions which pose problems both for Islamic fundamentalism, and dilemmas for the West and for Russia.


Behind the News
Fiji: The Political Economy of Recent Events
Cameron, John
Provides an account of the economic, political and social forces behind the coup in Fiji radically different from the one-dimensional racist accounts in the popular media.


Behind the News
The General Election in Scotland
Clarke, Tony; Mooney, Gerry
Asks why the Tory collapse at the last general election north of the border, and examines the prospects for amore radical politics in Scotland.


Scientific Management and Planning
Nyland, Chris
Challenging traditional left critiques of Taylorism, Chris Nyland argues that scientific management has the potential to promote rational economic planning and cooperation between state, managers and workers.


Flexible Specialisation in the 'Third Italy'
Murray, Fergus
Using evidence from the Italian district of Emilia-Romagna, Fergus Murray criticises the one-sided, positive portrayal of flexible specialization which has seduced many on the left.


Reformulation of State Theory
Bonefeld, Werner
Provides a critical survey of recent developments in German state theory. The hallmark of this literature is its attempt to theorise the complex interplay of state forms and functions and accumulation dynamics. But the approach contains several difficulties, both theoretical and practical.


The Atlantic Arms Economy: Towards a Military Regime of Accumulation?
Lovering, John
Analyses the new us-dominated international division of labour among arms producers, and argues that the left has to go beyond traditional strategies for arms conversion.


Review Article: 'Soviet Workers and Stalinist Industrialisation', by D. Filtzer
Arnot, Bob


Book Review 33
John Sender and Sheila Smith: The Development of Capitalism in Africa (Henry Bernstein) / Rhys Jenkins: Transnational Corporations and the Latin American Automobile Industry (John Humphrey) / Theo Nichols: The British Worker Question (John Ure) / Maureen Mackintosh and Hilary Wainwright (eds): A Taste of Power: The Politics of Local Economics (Irene Bruegel) / Grahame Thompson: The Conservatives' Economic Policy and The Politics of Public Expenditure (Andrew Gamble) / Ron Martin and Bob Rowthorn (eds): The Geography of Deindustrialisation (Kathy O'Donnell) / Hilary Wainwright: Labour: A Tale of Two Parties (Richard Kuper)

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