Issue no.27
Winter '85


Behind the News
Nissan in the North East of England
Garrahan, Philip
Shows the extent to which Japanese investment is likely to turn the British car industry into a sector of low technology, low skills and low pay.


The Local State and Local Economic Policy: Political Mobilisation or Economic Regeneration
Goodwin, Mark; Duncan, Simon
Argues that local economic strategies are most effective in terms of political mobilisation and that policy-makers on the left should be aware of the constraints and limitations of policies promising large-scale job creation and local economic regeneration.


Industrial Restructuring and Manufacturing Homework: Immigrant Women in the UK Clothing Industry
Mitter, Swasti
An analysis of changes in the production structure of the UK clothing industry which have created conditions for extensive outworking and have led to the utilisation of immigrant women as a suitable-and vulnerable- labour force for various forms of subcontracting and homework.


Information Technology and Capitalist Development
Locksley, Gareth
This article provides a survey of developments in the information technology industry and argues that information is quickly becoming as important as money.


Crisis in Greek Agriculture: Diagnosis and an Alternative Strategy
Manitea-Tsapatsaris, Vasso
Examines the effects of mechanisation and changes in the labour process on peasant agriculture in Greece . Argues that any long-term alternative strategy must recognise the interests of both the peasants and the consumers.


Book Review 27
History of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1927-1941 (Rachel Sharp)

Capital & Class (ISSN 0309 8168)


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