Issue no.39
Winter '89


Behind the News
Health Services after the White Paper
Bach, Stephen
The author reviews the recent White Paper, 'Working for Patients', and considers its implications for the future of health care in the UK.


Close the IMF, Abolish Debt and End Development: A Class Analysis of the International Debt Crisis
Cleaver, Harry
Developing a case based on the 'automomist' tradition of Marxism, the author locates the origins of the international debt crisis in class struggle and places repudiation of debt on the political agenda.


Perspectives on Central American Crisis: 'Reactionary Despotism' or Monopoly Capital?
Howard Borjas, Patricia
This article sets out to explain the Central American debt crisis in terms of monopoly capital.


Some Controversies in the Development of Rent Theory: The Nature of Oil Rent
Bina, Cyrus
In this article the author seeks to demonstrate the relevance of Marx's theory of rent for an understanding of the 'oil crisis' in the mid 1970s.


What is 'Simple Labour'? A Re-examination of the Value-creating Capacity of Skilled Labour
Devine, James
The author reviews various treatments of the labour reduction problem, and argues for an approach which starts from Marx's concept of abstract labour.


Book Review 39
Andrew Gamble: The Free Economy and the Strong State: The Politics of Thatcherism (Filio Diamanti) / Michael Goldfield: The Decline of Organised Labor in the United States (Christopher Schenk) / John Solomos: Black Youth, Racism and the State (Bob Benewick) / Ruth Richardson: Death, Dissection and the Destitute (Adelaide Leslie) / Roy Bhaskar: Reclaiming Reality (John Lovering)

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